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Nov 9, 2016

The primary reason for this page is to Chronicle my journey in addiction recovery.
I share what I'm going through and the lessons that I've learned.

The obsession to self medicate and get loaded has returned to me.

This is the perfect opportunity to share what I have learned how to stop the addiction from taking ownership in my life - I've learned how to stop the relapse from happening happening to me.

I'm preparing a podcast episode lesson - the following is my first draft - it's unedited. By me posting this... this making a public commitment that I'm going to record a new podcast episode list.

The primary reason why I'm publishing my life's experiences is " no one has ever been able to teach me how to stop relapsing - I have figured it out over the years -

I'm publishing this both to help remind myself and to hopefully Inspire someone else who is struggling in there addiction recovery Journey.