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Nov 3, 2017

In this part #1, I share a few of my most profound insights that have led me to learn how to both get sober and stay sober.

This audio journal has several solid take ways - the number #1 lesson that I learned and want to share is:

I did not understand that a medical detox could have saved me years of attempting to get sober - I spent a few years trying to not drink for a day - because I was addicted I could not stop drinking for 1 day.

I wanted to stop drinking - I was willing to stop drinking - I was ready to stop drinking but I could not because I was addicted to alcohol - a medical detox is what I need to get through this most imperative first obstacle.

The primary reason for this podcast is to Chronicle my journey in addiction recovery.  I share what I'm going through and the lessons that I've learned in the sincere hope that what I share will help someone else make the transition from addicted to sober.

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